About Us

Sfizzio was inspired by the Italian word "sfizo" which means whimsical, or for fun, and its goal of creating an infuser that would bring joy to your daily cup of tea could not be needed more than it is now. Tea is a comforting beverage. It brings loved ones closer together as they share a cup, and it boosts spirits after a long day at work. Naturally caffeinated, it gently revitalises energy stores and fuels creativity whether you are working at the office or in your pyjamas.

After many years as a PhD student in design history, its founder Anna has drunk copious amounts of tea after crossing the pond from Texas to London. 

With their combined backgrounds in design and technology, Anna and her partner Tom sought to design a product out of their joint love of tea that would provide a better cup of tea than other silicone tea infusers on the market. They hope that it will be the first in a line of happy and useful eco-friendly products.